Erasing Student Loan Debt

The cost of college tuition is rising. As is the amount of student loan debt, which according to newly released figures is now more than $1.4 trillion dollars nationwide. But local non-profit San Diego Workforce Partnership has teamed up with UC San Diego’s Extension Campus to offer an alternative to pay for college courses called Income Share Agreements.

So You Want to Offer an Income-Share Agreement? Here’s How 5 Colleges Are Doing It.

As the cost of college continues to feel out of reach for many students, schools and startups are beginning to think of new ways to finance the cost of tuition. Income-share agreements, or ISAs, are one method winning the attention of investors and education providers alike.

University of Utah Announces Innovative Financing Program to Help Students Finish Degrees

The University of Utah today announced the launch of Invest in U, a pilot program designed to help students pay education-related costs so they can complete their degrees faster and launch their professional careers. The U is the first major university in the Western region to offer its students this type of financial assistance.

Colorado Mountain College Launches Student Success Initiative to Help DREAMers Pay for College (Colorado Mountain College)

An ambitious new philanthropic initiative at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) will provide access to higher education financing for undocumented students and others not eligible to receive federal financial aid

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