We help skills training providers create success-based tuition programs.

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ISA Solutions for Skills Training Providers

Allow more individuals to upskill at high quality providers

Use ISAs to eliminate financial barriers to upskilling so that no one is shut out from economic mobility.

Align price with value

Stand out from peer institutions by offering students a new tuition option that doesn’t require upfront costs and helps eliminate financial risks.

Signal value and commitment to outcomes

A pay as you succeed tuition model allows skills training providers to align with employment outcomes and student success.

Student Lifecycle: Story of Michael

Pursuing Opportunity

Michael has been a medical assistant for two years for a hospital system in Cleveland. In order to learn a new trade that would put him on a path to economic mobility, he decides to pursue a data mining certificate. As Michael researches his program options, he’s discouraged by the upfront costs required of returning to school, not knowing if taking out a loan will pay off.

Program Enrollment

Luckily, there is a training provider that offers an immersive six month data science training program with an ISA option. The program’s ISA requires no upfront payment and is for six percent of income for three years, with a minimum income threshold of $40,000. Because Michael is making less than $40,000 in his current role as a medical assistant, he won’t have to pay unless he can get a relevant job that pays him significantly more than he’s currently making.

Post-training Career

After finishing the program, Michael applies for jobs that require data science skills. He lands a job as a data scientist with a starting salary of $52,000 at a nearby healthcare provider and begins to make affordable payments based on his income.

How We Help Schools Design a Program

Define Program Goals

Work with skills trainers to define goals and use cases for their ISA program.

Design Program

Gather institutional data to project student outcomes.

Launch and Sustain

Define ISA terms that are beneficial to students and meet school goals.

Our Services

  • Evaluate Institutional Goals
  • Analyze Student Outcomes
  • Design Contracts to Meet Student and
    School Goals
  • Student Disclosures
  • Communications and Messaging Support
  • Financial Literacy Resources
  • Phone, Chat, and Email Support
  • Online Account Management
  • Annual Income Verification
  • Manage Student Application Process
  • Portfolio Performance Reporting
  • Postgraduate Career, Income and Life Data
  • Next Generation Analytics Reporting

“We believe that past credit history is not a predictor of future career success and earning potential. Vemo Education is our trusted and critical partner in making ISAs a tool for increasing educational access and affordability.”

Scott Kirkpatrick, President & Chief Operating Officer

“In 2016, Purdue University became the first major higher education institution to offer an income share agreement program when Purdue Research Foundation launched Back a Boiler. Vemo Education is a valuable partner with PRF when it comes to the design, implementation, and servicing of Back a Boiler.”

Brian Edelman, President of Purdue Research Foundation

“Vemo Education seamlessly created income share agreement programs to support our undergraduate and graduate students that we rely on to help achieve some of our most ambitious goals – access, affordability, and using educational outcomes data to prove the value of a Messiah College education.”

David Walker, VP for Finance and Planning

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