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What is an Income Share Agreement?



An income share agreement (ISA) is a contract between a student and their school where a student receives education funding in exchange for sharing a fixed percentage of their post-graduate income for a defined period of time. Because the amount paid is based on income, payments should always remain affordable. ISAs help reduce financial barriers to education, align incentives between schools and students, and increase college affordability.

What are the key ISA contract terms?

ISA amount

The amount credited (funded) to a student’s account

Income share

The percentage of income a student pledges to pay after leaving their school or program

Minimum income threshold

Students shouldn’t face hardship to pay for their education. Our minimum income threshold guarantees that students don’t have to make payments if their income falls below a certain salary level

Payment cap

The maximum amount a student would have to pay relative to their funding amount. Many schools have a 1x cap, so that students never have to pay more than the initial funding amount

Payment term

The maximum number of monthly payments required to fulfill a student’s ISA obligation

How does an ISA program help students?

Access and Opportunity

Increase college-going aspirations by reducing financial barriers to education


Use income-based financing to keep students in school


Increase graduation rates by eliminating financial barriers to degree completion

Align interests and signal value

Show students you care about their post-graduation success and outcomes by aligning value with price

Reduce financial risk

By Introducing a pay it forward tuition model, allow students an option that reduces the financial risk too often associated with post-secondary education

Who do we work with?

We work with management teams of universities, colleges, and skills training providers to design ISA programs to improve access, retention, and completion.

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