Vemo Education Invited to Present at Two Upcoming Financial Aid Conferences

RESTON, VIRGINIA (February 17, 2016) – Vemo Education, an education technology company working with U.S. colleges and universities to develop and service value-oriented, income-based student financing programs, has been invited to present at two upcoming financial aid administrator conferences, the company announced today.

Peter Deeley, Jr., Vemo’s Regional Vice President of North American Higher Education, is slated to attend both conferences and present on behalf of Vemo. In his presentation titled “Addressing the Value Crisis in Higher Education”, Deeley will review the current value crisis within higher education – what is causing it and how it is affecting both schools and students. He will then examine ideas to address this value crisis, including a detailed look at how and why income-based financial applications, including tuition deferral, could be a solution.

“In creating new ways for colleges to provide funding options by linking at least some revenue earned by schools to the success their graduates have in achieving desired outcomes, Vemo is directly impacting the value crisis facing students and their families today,” said Vemo Vice President Bill Brosseau. “We are excited by the opportunity to present on this issue and explore solutions to it with members of the financial aid community at both the AASFAA and WASFAA events.”

First on the schedule is the Arizona Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (AASFAA) Spring Symposium on March 4 at the Desert Willows Conference Center in Phoenix. A little over a month following the AASFAA event, Deeley will present at the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WASFAA) Conference April 10-12 in Anchorage, Alaska. WASFAA is a regional association that covers many schools in states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington as well as a number of U.S. Pacific territories. Both events will gather members of the higher education financial aid community for discussions on best practices in the industry, new ideas and updates from the national association, NASFAA.

NASFAA provides professional development for financial aid administrators, advocates for public policies that increase student access and serves as a forum on student financial aid issues. The only national association with a primary focus on student aid legislation and regulatory analysis, NASFAA also serves to train financial aid administrators in all sectors of post-secondary education.

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