Vemo Education Announces Hiring of Renée Mang to Executive Team

Industry veteran named Vice President, Originations and Servicing

RESTON, VIRGINIA (January 4, 2016) – Vemo Education, an education technology company working with U.S colleges and universities to develop and service value-oriented, income-based student financing programs, announced today the hiring of Renée Mang as Vice President, Originations and Servicing. A veteran of the education finance industry, Mang brings with her over three decades of experience and officially begins her role with Vemo on January 11.

Mang is an accomplished Fortune 100 financial services manager and educational lending expert, having cultivated a successful career in student financing through her over 20 years of service at Sallie Mae. As Senior Vice President, Loan Originations and Servicing Operations, she led a team responsible for loan originations and disbursements of $30B annually. She is credited with increasing customer satisfaction from 90% to 99%, the highest customer satisfaction rating in Sallie Mae’s history. Mang and her team supported 4,000 school relationships and handled 4 million calls each year.

As Vice President, Loan Servicing and later as Senior Vice President, Loan Servicing, Mang directed the operations of a student loan center that serviced 10M borrowers. She also developed and implemented a new web interface for Private Credit volume that saw a 30% increase in volume in one year and that originated $6B in loans.

“We are excited to have someone with Renée’s expertise and innovative mind join the Vemo team,” said Vemo CEO Tonio DeSorrento. “Renée is a legend in the education finance industry, and we are confident that her leadership over and dedication to the originations and servicing area of our business will directly contribute to our growth and success as a company and industry leader.”

Mang will be responsible for managing the originations and servicing for Vemo’s income-based finance products, including income share agreement programs. She will oversee all customer service operations and will lead on school implementations, student counseling, back office operations and school relationship management.

“I am thrilled to be joining Vemo Education – a company dedicated to helping students succeed,” said Mang. “This has been my passion for over 30 years and I am delighted to be able to continue that with Vemo Education.”

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