Taming college debt: Purdue’s Savvy Tuition Plan(s)Chicago Tribune

From:  Chicago Tribune
By:  Editorial Board

This fall, Purdue University undergrads will welcome two things: their parents waving goodbye and their tuition bills frozen for the fourth straight year — with a fifth tuition freeze coming for undergrads in 2017-18. Purdue under efficiency-wise President Mitch Daniels is showing colleges across the nation how to control costs, restrain tuition increases and still provide a quality education. (And a Big Ten-derhearted shoutout here to the University of Illinois, which has frozen tuition two years in a row for new in-state undergraduates.)

But across the country, college tuition remains ruinously high for many students who graduate with staggering debt loads. Thousands of young people wind up defaulting on those loans, wrecking their credit. Many more delay their lives — marriage, buying a home or starting a business — because of their onerous debt burden.

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