Leading higher ed investment firm backs next-gen income-based payment student finance model

University Ventures backs Vemo Education to help colleges and universities align the cost and value of a degree

Reston, Va. — April 12, 2016 — Vemo Education, an education finance company working with colleges and universities to develop value-oriented, income-based student financing programs, announced today that the company has received an equity investment from University Ventures, the premier higher education investment firm.

“While there have been tremendous strides in learning technologies over the past decade, very little innovation has occurred in how students finance their education. We believe Vemo has great potential to innovate student financing, and to change the student-university relationship for the better,” said Aanand Radia, Vice President at University Ventures.

Vemo’s mission is to help higher education institutions align the value and cost of their educational programs through the development of custom income-based payment products for students. The University Ventures investment will support the expansion of the Vemo platform and services on higher education campuses across the United States.

University Ventures is the only organization dedicated exclusively to growth investments that support innovative programs and services for the higher education market. The firm invests in companies that have developed programs, products or services that stand to dramatically improve the accessibility and affordability of higher education.

University Ventures is led by principals Ryan Craig and Daniel Pianko, who bring decades of experience as entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in higher education.

“Vemo is excited to partner with University Ventures and is proud that the firm has confidence in our company, our product and our expertise,” said Vemo CEO Tonio DeSorrento. “UV’s thought leadership on issues that affect higher education sets it apart. We look forward to a long relationship that will have a lasting impact on education finance.”

University Ventures (UV) is the premier investment firm focused exclusively on the global higher education sector. UV pursues a differentiated strategy of ‘innovation from within’. By partnering with top-tier universities and colleges, and then strategically directing private capital to develop programs of exceptional quality that address major economic and social needs, UV is setting new standards for student outcomes and advancing the development of the next generation of colleges and universities on a global scale. Learn more at www.universityventures.com.

Vemo Education’s mission is to help higher education institutions align the value and the cost of their education by developing custom, value-oriented student financing programs. Providing a full-service approach to its educational partners, Vemo has invested in the infrastructure required to design, price, originate, disburse, and service income-based payment products. Vemo’s management team has extensive experience in education finance and the financial aid sector. Learn more at www.vemo.com.

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