Lackawanna College Launches Innovative Student Financing Solution

SCRANTON, Pa., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Lackawanna College today announced that students will now be able to fund part of their college costs with income share agreements (ISAs), an innovative solution that allows students to pay for college with a set percentage of their income after graduation. Income share agreements create a more affordable option for students by reducing up-front expenses and aligning the cost of college with student outcomes.

“Affordability has always been a hallmark of Lackawanna College, and our institution has a long history of innovative thinking to provide students with high-quality educational opportunities at low costs,” said Lackawanna CollegePresident Mark Volk. “Income share agreements provide an opportunity to align our interests with those of our students, which fits perfectly with our mission to ease the burden of college costs.”

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